How To Make A Professional Profile Picture

How To Make A Professional Profile Picture

November, 07 2022

Whenever you visit any social media platform to hire services, what is the first thing you go through? It’s nothing but people’s profile pictures. Due to that reason, investing some time in creating a professional photograph is worth it. It makes greater sense for those business holders whose foremost purpose is to spread it worldwide.

Tips To Make Profile Picture

A pro-public profile not only strengthens a personal brand but leaves a lasting impression also. It affects both your career and job opportunities. Let us highlight how a FreeBackgroundRemover helps give a public profile an appealing look.

Expose Your Face

Pick up a photo that looks like you. Seems confusing right? It means having an up to date profile picture that reflects your routine appearance. Faces decide imagery.

Frame Yourself

You may make a lot of common mistakes while framing yourself. Headshots are either too close or too far from the camera. Make sure to properly set yourself during photography. People browsing online must be able to see your image as well as a bit of background properly. Keep the size of the picture small up to 500 X 500 pixels.

Keep Your Picture in Square

Most photos that are uploaded on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) are square. You can make use of the round format as well.

Utilizing Contrasting Colors

Colors are a unique way to highlight something. You probably think of which color is used mostly on social networking websites. Some platforms like Twitter and Linkedin prefer using quality pictures with blue backgrounds. However, neutral or plain backdrops leave a more professional look.

Avoid Using Distracting Backgrounds

The place where you take photos matters also. Get rid of anything that could distract people from your face. Keep in mind you are the point of focus. Don’t you desire to showcase the cool details of your photograph? A clear backscene helps here a lot. Use a FreeBackgroundRemover to remove backdrops from your image. Follow the below simple steps;

  • Simply click “Choose files” to upload your picture.
  • Afterward, hit the “Remove BG” button.
  • Download your plain background image with ease.
  • Be ready to upload it as a public profile.

Don’t Take Selfie

A selfie does not give a pro feeling when it is about posting it on social platforms, such as Facebook. So, either ask a colleague to click your photo or an experienced photographer helps also. In that way, you feel relaxed preceding the camera.

Professional profile pictures help grab the attention of people over Upwork or any other online platform. Enjoy availing services of freebackgroundremover to make your photos free of back scenes.


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