Terms And Conditions

1. Prelude

Freebackgroundremover.com is a website that allows users to have free background removal of their requested images in PNG format. The quality of the image is not altered. Before availing benefits of this website, there is a need to go through several rules and regulations. It is a sort of settlement that connects the users and program legally. It applies to all users to ensure the safety of both this tool and users as well.

2. Compliance mechanism

The user is free to have this website in use for multiple purposes, including Industrial, business, commercial, and way more.

The administrator of the website can freely restrict its usage or block some users for no reason only in case of any unauthorized activity.

The user consents if he wants to have extensive benefits of this website. Then, the platform is free to store his IP address.

3. User’s rights and obligations

The user must avoid those actions that could jeopardize the overall functionality or performance of the website. There must be restrictions from factors that can bypass security systems, either test or scan a website’s weak points, or malware.

The users must feel it is their responsibility to secure the usage of the uploaded images. It means he/she has the privilege (industrial property, copyright, or trademarks) of processing those photos.

4. Guaranteed results

The users do not have to face the image quality issues. There is a guarantee that your resulting images will be of the original quality.

Our website provides paid manual services for all users. If a user wants to have a hundred percent satisfaction level. Then, there is the facility of having unlimited revisions of your resulting images.

5. Privacy and data protection

Every kind of information regarding data protection and privacy is accessible to users if he/she visits https://freebackgroundremover.com/privacy-policy.

6. End-to-end encryption

Austrian law has governed all legal disputes that would emerge from this agreement. Moreover, the Application of the UN Convention for the International Sale of goods and the Referral Standards of IPRG has not governed it. In the same way, there is not any governance on the law applicable to contractual obligations as well.

Our website follows an end to end SSL encryption. The uploaded image gets deleted once you have successfully removed the background. It provides a greater level of security to your data. No third party will be able to have quick access to your photos.

If a user wants some modifications in the agreement of this website. Then, it must be in written form to provide its validity. Moreover, it also demands a writing form in case there is an abolition of this formal requirement.

If the individual provisions of this agreement are invalid or void. Then, it does not show the invalidity of the overall agreement. So, for that purpose, the contracting parties manage to agree on economically feasible provisions. That could be the leading solution to replace all false/invalid amenities.

7. Cookies

There is the use of cookies on our website. When a user visits this platform, it means he has agreed to use cookies in agreement with freebackgroundremover.com. Our website uses cookies to authorize certain areas’ functionality. In that way, it becomes much easier for users to visit our website.