Privacy Policy

Freebackgroundremover andriod app/iOS app/website removes the background of the desired image freely, keeping its quality well-maintained. Moreover, it demands some privacy policies that you must go through. The purpose of those policies is to inform visitors of what the website is about to do with your data. We never disclose your files or use them to improve our products. Check on the privacy policies below to learn more;

1. Auto deletion

Our website automatically deletes your requested images from the source. Our server doesn’t save your private data. After background removal, it safely removes the image files from the backend to ensure your data privacy

2. Restricted from third-party access

Our tool facilitates users with end-to-end encryption. Whatever data you are sharing on this website, remains protected from any third-party access. Our tool prohibits unauthorized access to your data. Furthermore, no one else can view or steal your sensitive data files.

3. Personal information transfer

We do not share your personal information with third parties. However, with the consent of the user, we may disclose it to law enforcement authorities to detect any unauthorized activity. Otherwise, it does not transfer data in any situation and deletes it immediately after the completion of the process.

4. Data processing

If a user contacts us via phone or email, our website undergoes your data processing. The purpose is to solve all your personal inquiries to establish contract acquisition. In addition, there can be data processing regarding business relationships and for personal purposes on your consent.


Our website uses security cookies. It not only helps users protect against fraud or uncertified users but also ensures their privacy while interacting with this service. These cookies save your information so that you can reprocess them whenever you visit our page again. However, you can also remove these stored cookies manually from the web browser if you delete temporary internet files.

6.Safe Download

Our website ensures users about safe downloads. When a user uploads an image on the source, he gets a safe image background removal. The image's original quality is also well-maintained. The whole download procedure is safe from any kind of malware or third-party access. A user can get unlimited image downloads without any delay.

7.How we protect your personal information

There may be confidential data processing in countries other than where you are located. However, the laws to protect your information between countries may be different. We provide complete surety that your personal details remain secured in accordance with suitable data protection laws and our privacy policy. Else, there is the implementation of common contractual clauses.

8.Information Receiving Policy

Our application server receives data that your internet browser transfers to us. Google analytics accesses computer IP addresses, app information, browser identification, location data, the website from which you access our services, and the operating system used. Google provides information regarding how you interact with our services like the links you click, the purchasing behavior, the features you make use of, the pages you view, and session duration. Further, that information enables us to make improvements in the relevance or quality of our services. We can also collect your data to create statistics that we employ to promote the services of our app.

Further information on how Google collects this data can be found at

9.User rights

You have the following rights;

  • To object to illegitimate processing
  • To request data portability
  • To access info we are processing about you
  • To restrict your data processing

You can implement all of the above rights by simply contacting us. There is a quick response to all queries in accordance with laws.

You have the right to reject market communications we used to send at any time. All it demands is clicking on the “opt-out” link. Or you can simply unsubscribe from it.

Despite the above, you are also in free hands to file a complaint with a supervisor authority against us.

10.Data retain policy

In manual services, the private information we collect from you is retained until we have completely processed your data. Otherwise, after completion we destroy it.

11.Policy amendments

In case there are changes in Google's privacy policy. There may be time-to-time updates in our policies as well, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and highlighting our current practice. If we make any changes to the way we collect, secure, or transfer your confidential details, we would take some crucial steps to inform you. However, it is recommended to keep a check on our policies from time to time to stay notified.

12.App Advertisement

Our app is using Google AdMob advertisements. For the purpose of use, informative data to be acquired, and provision to third parties, please consider the following page.

13.Andriod App Persmissions

Our app requires the following permissions from users:

Internet -for advertisements display purpose -for crashlytics and firebase analytics Photos The processing of your photos is only inside your device. Our apps protect your data and never share your photos the outside your device or any other source. We ensure our apps do not collect your facial data and never share them with any third-party source. Storage We don't store your private files. Temporary photo files for ‘’Redo’’, ‘’Resume’’, ‘’Undo’’ and many others may be saved in the app’s storage area. These files are never disclosed to the outside source and upon the deletion of the app, we will also delete them from the device.

14.iOS App Permissions

Our app requires the following permissions from users:

Camera Usage We don’t require your camera information for our app functionality. Our user's privacy is a foremost concern for us. Microphone Usage Our app for iOS users doesn’t acquire microphone usage permission without consent. If we ever require to access it, we must consider the privacy laws and never share the data with a third party. Network We won't use your private data through your network and never share it outside the device. We never violate privacy laws and never access your data through your network without permission while using this app. Photos Your photo processing is only inside your device. Our app protects your data and never shares your images with any other outside source. We do not collect your facial information and never share them with a third party. Storage We never store your sensitive data files. Temporary image files for ‘’Resume’’, ‘’Undo’’, ‘’Redo’’ and so on may be saved in the storage part of the app. We never reveal it to any third-party source and upon the deletion of the app, we will also delete them from the device.

Use in EAA

EU proposed General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) for data privacy. Compliance with the law in terms of application distribution in the European Economic Area (EEA) store ensures that it is being used within the regulatory parameters. It should be according to the Google AdMob Content Library. User is free to choose in matters of personalized or non-personalized ads display. Adding more to it, user permission is valid for the analysis with Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics.

Contact us

If you have any queries, concerns, or suggestions about the way we use your private data or regarding this privacy policy, do contact us at:

[email protected]