Graphic Designing Tips For Non-Designers

Top Graphic Designing Tips For Non-Designers

September, 26 2023

Just look around! Graphic designing is everywhere. Whether you are the owner of an online brand or a novice artist looking to have a grip on your design skills, you have come to the right place. Being a beginner or non-designer, you will have to deal with a learning curve for turning your trials into mastery. If your design has unwanted visual elements, get rid of the distracting back scene by using our free background remover tool. You can also make your graphic design experience better and easy by using our tool. This ultimate article covers the prime graphic design tips that will help amp your social media content and brand website.

Leading Graphic Designing Tips For Non-Designers

Want to design invitations for an upcoming occasion or innovative videos for social networking platforms? There is a need to know the basics of graphic design first, especially if you’re not savvy in designing. From scaling to font pairing, the facets of the graphic design industry are complex. Go through the following inspiring tips to polish your designing skills;

Embrace White Space

White space doesn’t exactly indicate ‘’White.’’ White space is nothing but an area around and between design elements. Embracing the white space means there should be a space in your design without any kind of elements or text in it. It will give extra room for your design to breathe, hence separating your amateur designs from professional ones. Don’t worry if the backdrop of your designed photos doesn’t contain any white space. Avail of our freebackgroundremover editing tool to add transparent image back scenes in no time.

Stay Innovative

Being a beginner, it must be quite challenging to design original and unique products, right? If you wish to create something that best stands out from others, have to dare to differ. Having a strong innovative vision in graphic design matters a lot. Explore, observe, and express your originality! Learn the designing rules like an expert. Be an innovative genius who knows very well how to design creative figures for designers throughout the world.

Use a Simple Color Scheme

Keep your design simple! Pick out the color scheme, having not only one to three primary colors, but additional one to three secondary colors too. For example, the colors must complement and contrast each other. It would be best to use multiple eye-catchy tones of the same color for adjusting the overall brightness of the design. Finer typefaces will undeniably demand strong discrimination against the colored background. Make sure to keep the backscene of the design as clean as it can be by using neutral or light color tones.

Optimize Readability

Another important graphic design tip is to optimize readability. Readability is a critical part of the design’s usability. The text should be easy to read. No matter what is the flow of the design and how elements relate to content, it must be well-optimized and easy to read. You can easily do it by selecting a user-friendly typeface for your graphic design project. The font style that you use and the text that you add on the background and colors, make sure to keep it as optimized as possible. Otherwise, you will end up with degraded content quality.

Know the Dimensions

Don’t make the mistake of starting a graphic design project if you don’t know the actual size it should be. No doubt the size can be changed later, but you will have to start with readjusting everything so that the design fits into the size. For instance, if you want to make a presentation, the best thing is to start with a horizontal infographic size. Likewise, the Instagram posts must be portrait, landscape, or square with optimal dimensions. Be aware of the aspect ratios that best suit the design.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is as important as selecting the right colors and fonts. Having all the assets ready to use means you can not only save time but concentrate more on your creativity. If there is a need to bring visuals, icons, or images into the design practice. Then, ensure naming the files to make them easily recognizable, and create separate folders for your graphic design project. Keep in mind to label and arrange each of your project folders.

Make Use of the Right Spacing

When it is about making balanced compositions, you will find space in lines, paragraphs, words, shapes, and even between letters. Space is just like white space, as described above. The only difference is it helps you align different elements of your design and keep them well-contrasted and balanced. For example, grids use a number of specific spacing measures for creating a base design. Those who are not savvy in designing must know about grids.

Be innovative, break the rules, and polish your graphic design skills by coming up with unique ideas. Graphic design is not just about experimentation, but exploration too. No matter if you need to remove disturbing visual elements from the design or add catchy ones, use our online freebackgroundremover editing tool right now!


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